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"And Katarn…"
"Good luck."
―The commander and Kyle Katarn[src]

A Human male was a New Republic Army commander stationed on the New Republic base on the planet Altyr V in 10 ABY. He was in charge of the base when it came under attack from two Imperial artificial asteroids. Thanks to the efforts of the Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn, who destroyed the asteroids, the commander was able to evacuate the base. He then briefed Katarn's apprentice, Mara Jade, on her mission to contact the crime lord Ka'Pa the Hutt.


"Also, with Katarn gone, we need you more than ever."
―The commander, to Mara Jade[src]

A Human male served as a commander in the New Republic Army.[1] During the reborn Emperor Palpatine's military campaign, launched by the Galactic Empire in an attempt to retake control of the galaxy[2] in 10 ABY,[3] the commander was stationed on the New Republic outpost on the planet Altyr V. He was assisted there by the Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn and his apprentice Mara Jade,[1] the former Emperor's Hand[4]-turned-Jedi.[5]

The commander was joined by Mara Jade and Kyle Katarn during the attack.

One day, the Altyr 5 base's sensors detected two asteroids approaching the planet. Thinking that they would break up on contact, the commander was surprised when they took up a geosynchronous orbit and began bombarding the base's shields, revealing them to be some type of new Imperial weapons disguised as asteroids to take the base by surprise. Furthermore, the long-range sensors on Delta 3 picked up an Imperial strike force entering hyperspace. The main Imperial force—which was large enough to destroy the entire base—was estimated to reach Altyr 5 in three hours, and evacuation orders could not be issued because of the continuing fire from the asteroids.[1]

The commander immediately called the two Jedi, and briefed them on the situation, calmly coordinating the base's defenses afterward. The Jedi formulated a plan and separated; while Jade was to remain on the base, to help the commander in the coordination of Altyr 5's defenses against the Imperial forces sent from the asteroids, Katarn successfully infiltrated one of the asteroids using a stolen Imperial shuttle. Eventually, he destroyed both asteroids, which allowed the commander to evacuate the base before the enemy reinforcements emerged from hyperspace.[1]

Katarn, who had found a clue to the location of an ancient Sith Temple while on the asteroid, soon left for the planet Dromund Kaas to find it. With Katarn gone, the commander assigned Jade to a mission vital for the New Republic. He told Jade to contact the crime lord Ka'Pa the Hutt, in order to convince him to give the New Republic some desperately needed supplies, in exchange for amnesty for all his crimes. Although Jade was at first reluctant to accept the task, she agreed to it after the commander explained to her why the mission was so important.[1]

Personality and traits[]

The commander had light skin and gray hair, with facial hair styled in a full beard. He was an experienced leader, as indicated by his calm coordination of Altyr 5's base defenses during the Imperial attack. He was also persuasive, being able to convince the reluctant Mara Jade to accept the mission to contact Ka'Pa the Hutt.[1]


During the events on Altyr V, the commander wore a uniform that consisted of a light-brown jacket, which displayed a small square command insignia with nine red pips, and white pants.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

This individual's first and only appearance was in Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, the expansion pack for the first-person shooter video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II released on January 31, 1998. He was voiced by Terence McGovern,[1] the voice actor famous for uttering the phrase "These aren't the droids we are looking for" in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, and credited by George Lucas himself for coining the phrase "Wookiee."[6]

The officer's name is never revealed in the game, and he is only addressed as the "commander" in the cutscenes.[1] Additionally, in the Mysteries of the Sith game manual, he is named "Rebel Commander", despite the fact that the Rebel Alliance had already been re-formed into the New Republic by the time Mysteries of the Sith took place. The game manual also showed the Rebel Commander as an AI ally, even though he is shown only in cutscenes as a main character.[5] His physical appearance is unique in the game.[1] Furthermore, because of the nature of the word "commander," it is unknown if it was his military rank, or if it was used as a term to address an officer holding a distinct unit command. The commander's unique command insignia with nine pips has also never been used in other Star Wars works and the rank it represents has never been identified so far.


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