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"Sir, we've lost control of just about everything, but if you can get to the communications room, you can jam their sensors so they don't know you're coming."
―The officer talking to Kyle Katarn[src]

A Human male served as an officer in the New Republic Army who was stationed on the New Republic base located on the planet of Altyr V around 10 ABY. The officer worked with the base's commander and was present on the base when it was attacked by two Imperial weapons disguised as asteroids. The officer received communications from the long range outpost on Delta 3 noting a large Imperial fleet heading for Altyr V, destined to arrive within three hours of the asteroids' attack. The Imperial weapons were eventually destroyed by the Jedi Kyle Katarn, allowing the base to evacuate before the primary Imperial fleet could arrive.


Altyr VEdit

Four angry rebels

The officer, far left, discusses the Imperial attack

A Human male, the officer enlisted into the New Republic Army sometime by 10 ABY, and was stationed on a New Republic base located on the Outer Rim planet of Altyr V. The officer commonly worked with the base's commander, and worked primarily in the base's center of operations, generally known as Ops. The officer worked on computer terminals, and stayed in contact with a long range outpost on Delta 3. During the campaign of the reborn Emperor Palpatine in 10 ABY, two Imperial orbital ion cannons, disguised as asteroids, were dispatched to Altyr V in order to hold down the New Republic base and keep the base's personnel from escaping as a larger Imperial fleet made it's way to Altyr V.[1]

The fleet happened to pass by Delta 3, however, and the listening post notified the officer of the incoming attack, suggesting that there was a three hour window in which to escape the planet in. The officer then used the base's intercom in order to hail two visiting Jedi to Ops. The Jedi were former Rebel agent Kyle Katarn[1] and former Imperial agent and Emperor's Hand[2] Mara Jade, who had agreed to be stationed on the base. Katarn also doubled the assignment as an opportunity to train Jade as a Jedi, who had recently joined the New Republic.[1]

The Battle of Altyr VEdit

When the Jedi arrived in Ops, the officer and the base's commander explained the situation, looking to the Jedi for ideas. When the officer's sensors indicated preliminary ground troops landing outside of the base's perimeters, Katarn devised a plan to steal an Imperial landing craft and fly it to the asteroid canons and destroy them from the inside. Katarn departed soon after, while Jade, the commander, and the officer remained in Ops. As Katarn made it to a hangar, Imperial stormtroopers blasted their way into Ops through a wall, smashing through New Republic resistance. The commander hailed for Katarn to return to Ops before he and Jade departed after temporarily beating off the stormtroopers. The officer remained in Ops, however.[1]

When Katarn finally made his way back, the stormtroopers began to attack Ops again, though were defeated this time with the Jedi's aid. The officer met Katarn on the second level of Ops, offering no insight on the whereabouts of Jade or the commander. Instead, the officer advised Katarn to seek out the base's communications center, and use it to jam Imperial sensors and radars in order to hide the fact Katarn was on his way to steal a ship to take to the asteroids. Katarn wasn't able to reach the communications center, but Jade had found her way there instead and commenced with the jamming. Overall, Katarn's mission was successful, and the base was evacuated before the Imperial fleet could arrive.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

The officer was skilled at his computer work, and knew how to handle his communication networks. During battle, the officer was level headed and business minded, wasting no time to provide assistance to Kyle Katarn as soon as the Jedi made his way back to Ops. The officer had brown hair, blue eyes, and light skin.[1]


The officer wore a rather standard uniform for New Republic officers, which including a tan colored jacket, white pants, black boots, and a white cap. The officer was also armed with a blaster pistol that fired green laser bolts. His command insignia carried five red pips.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The officer first appeared, unnamed, in the 1998 video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith. Referred to as Rebel Officers in the game's manual, all officers were voiced by either Steve Blum or Roger Jackson, though the game never makes it clear which of them voiced the officer in this article.

The officer's insignia shows five pips, which in previous media has distinguished either to belong to those with the rank of General or Captain, though the game never clarifies the officer's rank in dialogue.


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