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"Captain Katarn, we lost power to this section."
―The officer explains his predicament[src]

A Human male served as an officer in the New Republic Army and was stationed on the New Republic base located on the planet of Altyr V, around 10 ABY. The officer was present on the base when it was attacked by two Imperial weapons disguised as asteroids. At some point during the attack, the power his section of the base went under, knocked out by the Imperials. The officer was left in the darkness with an astromech droid, until the Imperial field stormtroopers began to blow holes through the walls. Eventually Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn arrived to the area while searching for the base's communications center. The officer pleaded with Katarn, and the Jedi, aware of the issue, set forth to find the auxiliary generator deep within the base's bunkers. The generator was guarded, however, by numerous Imperial troops. Katarn managed to kill the stormtroopers though, and eventually returned to the officer. Katarn was then informed of an Imperial Lambda-class T-4a shuttle he could steal, sitting right outside the base. A door in the officer's control room, that had been previously locked due to the power outage, was able to open, and the control room was greeted by a stormtrooper with a rail detonator.


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