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"Go to my chamber. There you will find a small metallic sphere. bring it to the hidden cave."
"Yes Mother."
―Mother Talzin speaking with this Nightsister and a fellow one.[src]

A Dathomirian Nightsister lived on the planet of Dathomir around 21 BBY and participated in the Battle of Dathomir against the droid army led by Separatist Supreme Commander General Grievous.


During the battle of Dathomir, this Nightsister along with a fellow one were sent by Mother Talzin to recover an orb containing a lock of hair Count Dooku so she could use it to create a magical voodoo figurine likeness of Dooku, conducting her magic through it to torment the Dark Lord of the Sith into rescinding his attack or else suffering an agonizing death. The Nightsisters succeeded in doing so, but General Grievous was then informed by Dooku to forget about Asajj Ventress and focus on Mother Talzin, so he attacked the Nightsisters fortress directly, killing all Nightsisters who opposed him, including this one. He then killed Old Daka but Talzin managed to escape.


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