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"But—if the goal is to cause damage and confusion—to leave them unclear of our intentions—"
"This wave is about sending a message to the Jedi. From now on they'll know—this is about them."
―The Nihil underling and her Cloud leader[1]

A female Nihil underling who was still learning her place served the Nihil as a subordinate of a Cloud leader[1] around 230 BBY. In that time,[2] when the Cloud leader headed an attack on the Jedi temple on the planet Chespea, the underling inquired why they were not also targeting civilian starships nearby.[1]

The Cloud leader snapped at her, explaining that for the new wave of Nihil attacks, the goal was to send a message specifically to the Jedi, as opposed to the first wave, where the objective was to cause general damage and confusion. The attack resulted in the destruction of the Jedi temple and the deaths of all Jedi within.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Nihil underling appeared in the 2022 novel The Fallen Star, authored by Claudia Gray as part of the Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia project.[1]


Notes and references[]

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