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The planet Nyny was the homeworld of a sentient species with three heads. When wounded, the species leaked out black ichors.[1] Their homeworld was located within the Ash Worlds,[2] a largely barren region of space following Hutt bombardment of many of its worlds, circa 24,500 BBY.[3]

In 17 ABY, a member of this species represented Nyny in the New Republic Senate. In the Bombing of the Senate Hall that year[1]—orchestrated by the darksider Kueller in an attempt to cripple the New Republic[4]—this senator was killed.[5] Han Solo, the husband of the Chief of State Leia Organa Solo, saw the senator lying on the lawn outside the Senate Hall, with all three of his heads bent backward at an awkward angle.[1]

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Kristine Kathryn Rusch created this species for her novel, The New Rebellion, published by Bantam Spectra (1997). They were later mentioned in entries for the planet Nyny in both the Star Wars Encyclopedia (1998) and The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia (2008).



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