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"The base is ours again, sir; the clones are fleeing."
"Cowards. Secure the area."
―A B1 battle droid and the commander[src]

During the Battle of Rishi moon, this OOM command battle droid, under command of General Grievous was dispatched to the Rishi moon to support the BX-series droid commandos. He was destroyed by Hevy


When Separatist forces planned an attack on Kamino some BX-series droid commandos were sent to the Rishi moon to take out the outpost. The droids were successful until the arrive of CT-7567 and CC-2224. The droid commander and his forces were sent to the moon to support the commando droids. After successfully driving back the clones, the station was conquered. Unfortunately for the commander, shinie Hevy stayed behind and shot the commanders head off with his Z-6 rotary blaster cannon while trying to reach the liquid tibanna to blow the station up.


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