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A Providence-class carrier destroyer served as the command ship for a Confederate Navy fleet at the Battle of Sullust during the Clone Wars.


This starship was the command ship during the Battle of Sullust. It was destroyed when Count Dooku told T-series tactical droid TJ-912 to destroy it, and TJ-912 followed orders by ordering her destroyer to open fire on the command ship in an attempt to kill Asajj Ventress as per his Master's orders. In the main hangar, an injured Ventress dueled both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker as the command ship was fired upon by it's own allies. As the battle intensified, Republic cruisers began to pummel the ship with laser fire as well. The three combatants eventually realized the imminent danger they were in and fled just as the command ship, unable to withstand the barrage any longer, was destroyed in a massive explosion that left no survivors.


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