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"I am not anyone's anything. Everyone here is mine. I will not surrender my dominion to anyone."
―The Queen of Ktath'atn, to Luke Skywalker[1]

A female abersyn symbiote served as the Force-sensitive sentient queen of Ktath'atn. One day of each year, the Queen of Ktath'atn would open her citadel's doors to see visitors and grant favors in exchange for receiving the galaxy's most interesting oddities, which she feasted upon the life energy of, along with those of her sleeping subjects on the planet. Many of her visitors hoped that with her "gift" they will be able to destroy their enemies, or conquer.

The Queen of Ktath'atn fed on the life force of her subjects.

Doctor Aphra traveled to Ktath'atn with Luke Skywalker to visit the queen and get her to activate an ancient Jedi artifact, which contained the personality of a Jedi named Rur.[2]

The queen's host body was eventually struck down by the Jedi-aspirant Luke Skywalker, though the abersyn symbiote survived through a new host.[1]

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Conceptual design of the Queen of Ktath'atn by Marco Checchetto

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