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A human male served in the Alliance Military at the beginning of the Galactic Civil War. After Jyn Erso was freed from Imperial captivity by Extraction Team Bravo, the Rebel lead her through the Great Temple to bring her before the Rebel Alliance leaders. He wore a helmet with the letters "MP", written in an alternate Aurebesh font; while the letter G, written in the same font, was printed on his shirt.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

"Glad to say im
Im Rogue one ? But youre do well to spot me !! But i am in there .. 11 hard days work !! (sic)
―Bronson Webb on Facebook[2]

This Rebel MP was portrayed by Bronson Webb,[1] who spent eleven days filming his part, although even he has admitted that the character is hard to spot in the final product.[2]


Walk walk walk

The rebel walking Jyn Erso (seen on the far left) through the Great Temple

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