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This unidentified Rebel Special Forces soldier was part of Able and Leia Organa's squad that was part of the task force that stroke at Bannistar Station. Their targets were fuel tanks; in the hopes that if they blew one up, it would cause enough damage to render Bannister Station inoperable. After they already placed several charges, they realized that the fuel tanks were empty, "Bone Dry." As he realized this and reached for the detonators an Imperial Stormtrooper shot at him, barely missing him. He, Leia and Able returned fire, but had to stop when the stormtroopers threatened to cut their rope, which would cause them to plummet to their deaths. They did surrender, then were transported to the control room where they talked to Arno D'Vox, the station's commander. All the while, Deena Shan was supposed to "round up the others". She met some opposition and ended up destroying the whole station, which caused the distraction needed to allow Able, Leia, Luke and this commando to free themselves and escape Bannistar Station. They then found and retrieved Lieutenant Shan. In the final minutes of their escape, they were aided in their escape by Dagger Squadron, which made their escape possible.


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