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A male Human individual served the Alliance to Restore the Republic as a sergeant at some point during the Galactic Civil War, a conflict between the Alliance and the Galactic Empire. The sergeant owned a rifle that he named "Zarra", but he did not tell anyone why he gave his rifle that name. He had fair skin and was a rather heavyset man with brown hair and a mustache that were graying. The sergeant sometimes carried an ammunition belt and wore a brown–colored uniform with gloves and a belt which had at least two pouches.[1]

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The Rebel sergeant first appeared in 2008 as part of Champions of the Force, the first set of cards for the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, a virtual card game created by Sony Online Entertainment to go along with[2] the company's 2003 MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies.[3] The card game was shut down at the same time as Star Wars Galaxies,[1] which was closed on December 15, 2011.[4] He was featured on the Rebel Sergeant card, which was illustrated by the artist Svetlin Velinov.[1]

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