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"I want that spy!"
―Darth Vader[src]

This Rebel spy was a passenger on board a Star Tours travel agency StarSpeeder 1000 early in the Galactic Civil War. Prior to the ship's departure from a space station, Imperial agents discovered the spy's presence and attempted to arrest the Rebel. The vessel took off and fought its way past Imperial ships surrounding the space station. After being chased through hyperspace, the StarSpeeder landed and delivered the spy to safety.

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An "I Am the Rebel Spy" T-shirt

During the Star Tours: The Adventures Continue theme-park ride, the Rebel spy is almost always one of the ride's passengers, chosen at random and shown on a video screen in the cabin. The passenger can be either male or female, which changes the dialogue of the Alliance representative who speaks to the passengers (Ackbar, Princess Leia or Yoda). Occasionally, the spy will not be someone in the cabin, and an image of a generic person or an alien appears instead. The spy's final destination is also randomly chosen, with the StarSpeeder reaching the Rebel fleet, a Naboo starship hangar, or a Coruscant landing platform. Merchandise sold at the parks include T-shirts and pins showing the Prowler droid from the ride and the phrase "I Am The Rebel Spy."

Exactly how the spy ended up discovered depended on the specific opening used for the ride. The spy will either have his ride be stopped by Darth Vader himself alongside a Stormtrooper contingent and a TIE fighter squadron (with Vader also trying to reel in the escaping vessel with the Force, only to find himself forced to release the escaping vessel trying to deflect blaster shots from the ship's cannons) or otherwise be discovered by a Prowler droid scanning the vessel.



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