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«Me always knows good opportunity when me sees it.»
―The Rodian prisoner[src]

This Rodian was among a crew of male Rodian smugglers that were held prisoner aboard the Leviathan, Darth Malak's flagship, under the command of Admiral Saul Karath in 3956 BBY.


Working as a smuggler, this Rodian served aboard a freighter that plied the hyperlanes during the Jedi Civil War. Detained by the Leviathan, under the command of Admiral Saul Karath, within Sith space in 3956 BBY, this Rodian was being held prisoner, awaiting interrogation. Earlier interrogations had already broken the minds of the captain, first officer and navigator, rendering them incoherent with pain and rage. Hoping to avoid a similar fate, this Rodian was able to assist Revan and his companions in escaping Darth Malak's flagship. In exchange for being released from his holding cell, the Rodian smuggler agreed to provide an ICE breaker, a piece of computer slicing equipment that would enable the user to bypass safety systems.

Behind the scenesEdit

Which companion sets the Rodian prisoner free depends upon player choices within the context of the game.


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