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A Separatist supply ship participated in the Battle of Umbara[3] around 21 BBY.[2] Commanded by a Tactical droid, it was used to supply the Umbaran militia with large missiles.[3] The Separatist supply ship was used as a heavy transport starship, and was 908.78 meters long, 1257.32 meters wide, and 910.35 meters high, and was defended by laser cannons.[1] During the Battle of Umbara, Umbaran support ships and other Separatist warships provided protection. Three B1 battle droids worked in the vessel's hangar. The supply ship was infiltrated by three Galactic Republic clone troopers flying captured Umbaran starfighters. One of which, Hardcase, sacrificed himself to destroy the reactor core, which resulted in a chain-reaction and the destruction of the vessel. Anakin Skywalker had previously taught Hardcase and the Clone Troopers how to destroy Separatist command ships based on prior experience in the Naboo Space Battle.[3]

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The supply ship appeared in Plan of Dissent, an episode of The Clone Wars: Season Four of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.



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