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―Guard shouting as he was killed by Starkiller[src]

These unnamed Shadow Guards were five Human males who was part of the Emperor's Shadow Guard, and were stationed on Cloud City. They were all killed when Darth Vader's apprentice, Galen Marek, arrived on the planet in search of Jedi Rahm Kota.


At some point, these five men became members of the Emperor's Shadow Guard, elite guardsmen of the Emperor's Royal Guard. In 2 BBY, when Galen Marek, secret apprentice of Darth Vader, visited Cloud City on the planet Bespin to find Jedi Master Rahm Kota, the guardsmen were sent with a task force to kill him. Four of them were already at Cloud City, while the remaining one was en-route to the location via a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle. The ones present split up into three units: One, located near the supply dock at the Vapor Room, was tasked with preventing Starkiller from escaping onto the Rogue Shadow via the Force with Rahm Kota; the other was to intercept the two via the path between the supply and balloon docks in case they tried to travel through that area; and the last, composed of two Shadow Guards, was stationed at the balloon dock proper. Ultimately, they fell to Starkiller.

Talents & AbilitiesEdit

As members of the Shadow Guards, they were proficient with a lightsaber pike, using it in the duel. The guardsmen also was able to use the Force to some extent, producing Force lightning and able to Force choke. In the end, their skills were no match for that of Marek's.

Behind the scenesEdit

This Shadow Guard appears only in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions for The Force Unleashed, largely because of Cloud City being replaced with Nar Shaddaa in the Wii and PS2 versions. In addition, he only fights one Shadow Guard in the game, while in the novelization, he fought four.


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