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An Unidentified Sith Lord was present on board the Star Destroyer War Hammer during the Attack on the Hidden Temple, and acted as the Sith overseer to the crew of the War Hammer.

During the course of the battle Darth Krayt's Sith troopers arrived and began fighting, killing a large number of combatants on both sides. Also when Darth Rauder sensed the presence of Jedi younglings on a fleeing vessel, she ordered Skull Squadron to shoot it down, however Captain Gunn Yage reached a line that she would not cross and shot down Rauder instead.

Captain Yage then communicated her intentions to defect to her father Rulf Yage on board the War Hammer. The Sith Lord ordered Moff Yage to shoot his daughter down, but he had also had enough of the One Sith and decided to defect. The elder Yage pulled a blaster out and shot the Sith Lord dead. He then sent out a transmission declaring that he was joining his daughter in defecting.


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