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"You're too late! We have done what needed to be done. Soon Onderon shall fall, and with it, the Republic shall die."
―The Sith Lord, to one of Meetra Surik's companions[src]

This individual was a humanoid male Sith Master in the Sith Triumvirate who lived in the time of the Dark Wars.


This Sith Master joined the Sith Triumvirate after the Jedi Civil War. When Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus seized control of the triumvirate from Darth Traya, he swore allegiance to the latter. He was in charge of the Tomb of Freedon Nadd on Dxun, and was responsible for the Sith Acolytes' education in use of the dark side of the Force. During the Second Battle of Onderon, this Lord, with three other Sith Masters, attempted to perform a ritual around a dark side nexus to aid Onderon troops. When confronted by the allies of[2] Jedi Knight Meetra Surik,[3] the Lord tried to persuade them to join the dark side under his teaching. He failed and said that they had chosen death instead of power. He was then defeated along with the other Sith forces established on Dxun.[2]



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