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This battlecruiser was a Sith warship.


The vessel served a faction of Sith and broke up at some point. By the Galactic Civil War, it was considered a relic and was located in a gravitational pocket of the Rishi Maze satellite galaxy.

Still active after centuries, despite most of it having been ripped apart by gravity, Han Solo and Chewbacca encountered this starship while making a delivery run to Firebase Alpha, a Rebel installation. The crew of this space station were well-acquainted with the derelict and knew to stay clear.

The Millennium Falcon's computer could not identify the kilometers-long warship as it approached, but its crew recognized the battlecruiser's age. The still-active ship suddenly dispatched drones to attack the Falcon. Boosting too powerful shields for ships of their size, they seemed poised to destroy the freighter, until Han smartly destroyed their power source and obliterated all the drones. This act finally put the ship to rest, and the Falcon continued towards its destination.


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