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"Sir, the Elders are attempting to contact us, telling us to stand down and surrender ourselves for punishment for blasphemy."
"So amusing."
―The communications officer and Vyn Holpur[1]

A Sith communications officer served aboard the ChaseMaster frigate Starstalker under Captain Vyn Holpur in the Sith Tribe's fleet around 44 ABY. During a mission to forge an alliance with the dark side entity Abeloth, the Starstalker received orders to retrieve a strong, glass-like material from the sacred Fountain of Ancients on Klatooine. However, the Fountain was protected by Klatooinians, and during the following skirmish the communications officer received a signal from the planet's Elders, ordering the Sith to surrender. The officer then discovered that the Klatooinians were contacting the Hutts for assistance in protecting the Fountain, something the Hutts were bound by treaty to give. Holpur was unconcerned by the prospect, but the Hutts soon arrived and captured the Sith. In the ensuing hearing, Holpur and his entire crew, including the communications officer, were sentenced to death for violating the Fountain.


"They're sending out a distress signal. They're trying to contact the Hutts to come protect them."
―The communications officer[1]

A Sith communications officer was born on[1] the Wild Space[2] planet Kesh. By 44 ABY, the officer had joined the Sith armada,[1] the Lost Tribe of Sith's newly-formed fleet.[3] In that year, the officer was chosen to be a part of the fleet sent under the command of Keshiri High Lord Sarasu Taalon to ally with Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker for a mission to force the powerful dark side being Abeloth to cooperate with the Tribe. During the mission, the communications officer served aboard the ChaseMaster frigate Starstalker, under the command of the Human Captain Vyn Holpur. After convincing Skywalker to join them by pretending that their mission was to destroy Abeloth, the Sith traveled to the planet Klatooine to await Skywalker's friend, Lando Calrissian, who was to provide an asteroid tug for assistance in navigating the Maw, where Abeloth lived. However, Skywalker and Taalon soon decided to wait for Calrissian just outside the Maw, and Taalon convinced Skywalker to let him leave two frigates—the Starstalker and the Winged Dagger—behind, under the premise that they were to wait for Calrissian in case any difficulties arose. Taalon revealed his true orders to Captain Leeha Faal of the Winged Dagger, which she passed on to the communications officer's captain, Holpur—Taalon wanted them to obtain samples of the strong, glass-like material wintrium from the sacred Fountain of the Hutt Ancients on Klatooine.[1]

After the rest of the fleet departed Klatooine, Holpur and his crew began to carry out their mission. The Starstalker was soon hailed by the Klatooinian Council of Elders; the communications officer received their signal and reported to Holpur that the Elders wanted the Sith to cease their actions and submit themselves to the Klatooinian government for penalty for their sacrilege. Holpur found that to be humorous, but requested that the officer patch through the message anyway. The officer did so, and soon after discovered that the Klatooinians were sending a distress signal to the Hutts, calling for their assistance in the defense of the Fountain; the officer then reported the finding to Holpur. Holpur was unconcerned by the development, however, and explained to the officer that he believed that the Hutts—in spite of the treaty that bound them to the protection of the Fountain in return for the Klatooinians' perpetual servitude—were still too weakened by the Yuuzhan Vong War to provide an adequate defense. Holpur was proven wrong, however, as the Hutts soon arrived and captured the Sith. The entire Sith crews of the Starstalker and Winged Dagger were brought to a hearing, and Faal lied that Holpur and his crew had acted of their own accord. The communications officer, Holpur, and the rest of the Starstalker's crew were then sentenced to death for their violation of the Fountain.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Copy, sir."
―The communications officer, to Vyn Holpur[1]

The communications officer reported instantly to Holpur as new issues arose during their mission to retrieve wintrium from the Fountain. When Holpur ordered the Sith to patch through the Klatooinian Elders' message, the communications officer did so immediately.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

The officer was a Force-sensitive and a member of the Sith Tribe from Kesh. The officer knew how to work and control a communications station, a task the Sith undertook aboard the ChaseMaster frigate Starstalker.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

This Sith communications officer first appeared briefly in Christie Golden's 2010 novel, Fate of the Jedi: Allies, the fifth installment in the Fate of the Jedi series. In the novel, the officer's gender and species are unspecified.


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