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"Oss Wilum told me you chose this world because the dark side is strong here."
"Yes. There was a great darkness here.
―Nomi Sunrider and Thon, regarding the legacy of the Sith sorceress on Ambria[src]

A Sith sorceress inhabited the world of Ambria centuries before the Great Hyperspace War. As a practitioner of the dark side and a follower of the Sith Order, she spent hundreds of years enslaving Ambria's populace, overseeing the construction of a large obelisk. Upon completing her creation, she attempted to bind the planet to her will by means of a Sith ritual. The sorceress, however, was unable to control the dark side power she had invoked, unleashing a wave of Force energy that devastated Ambria and ended her life.


Subjugation of AmbriaEdit

Ambria FF11

Ambria, the domain of the Sith sorceress.

A female disciple of the Sith Order,[4] the Sith sorceress lived centuries before the Great Hyperspace War.[3] In her time, she established a domain on Ambria, a planet located in the galaxy's Inner Rim.[1] Under the influence of the dark side of the Force, she enslaved Ambria's sentient inhabitants and exploited the native fauna as beasts of burden. Through her efforts, the sorceress depleted much of Ambria's natural resources,[4] endeavoring to create a large obelisk in the north central regions of the planet.[1] Determined to finish her creation, she oversaw the construction of the black-colored spike-shaped obelisk for hundreds of years,[4] infusing it with the power of the dark side.[5]

After finally completing her obelisk,[1] the sorceress conducted a complicated Sith ritual, attempting to bind the entire world of Ambria to her will.[2] In the process, she invoked a level of dark side power that ultimately overshadowed her own abilities.[4] As a result, she lost control of the wave of Force energy that was subsequently unleashed upon Ambria.[1] The failed machinations of the sorceress not only devastated Ambria's surface, but also killed every living being on the planet,[4] including herself.[2]


"It… it's a wasteland."
―Nomi Sunrider on Ambria[src]

Due to the botched ritual of the fallen Sith sorceress,[2] the power of the dark side continued to plague the planet of Ambria for centuries. Following the end of the Great Hyperspace War in 5000 BBY,[4][6] survivors from the defeated Sith Empire would eventually take refuge on Ambria, hiding among the dark side energies caused by the sorceress. By the time of the Great Sith War,[4] the name of the sorceress had been forgotten, though her deeds were nonetheless recorded among Jedi lore.[1] The remnants of her existence were encountered by Thon, a Jedi Master who trapped Ambria's dark side energies inside the large body of water known as Lake Natth.[4] The exploits of the sorceress were not completely undone, however, as the planet remained a barren wasteland for several further millennia.[7]

Personality and traitsEdit

The Sith sorceress was a female follower of the dark side-worshipping Sith Order. While inhabiting the world of Ambria, the sorceress—driven insane by the dark side—subjugated both the sentient and non-sentient population,[4] aiming to dominate the whole planet under her influence.[2] Living for centuries up to the culmination of her work, she obsessively pursued the creation of the Sith obelisk.[4]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

A powerful practitioner of the dark side of the Force,[7] the Sith sorceress created a large obelisk on Ambria, imbuing the structure with dark side energies.[5] Additionally, she possessed the knowledge of a Sith ritual which, if completed, would have allowed her to bind an entire planet to her will.[2] By conducting this ritual, she called upon a magnitude of dark side power surpassing the efforts of any individual before her time.[4] The sorceress lacked the capacity to control this power, however, and was unable to prevent it from ending her life and devastating Ambria.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sith sorceress of Ambria was introduced in Tales of the Jedi Companion, a roleplaying supplement published by West End Games in 1996.[4] While the character's name and species remained unidentified, her activities were later mentioned in Path of Destruction and Dynasty of Evil, two novels from the Darth Bane Trilogy.[7][2]



Notes and referencesEdit

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