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"We've got a star at our back and a sea of ion cannons in front of us. Believe me, as hard as it is to break out of this place…it would be just as impossible to break in."
―The warden[src]

A human male served as the warden of Sunspot Prison, a Rebel Alliance space station that acted as a prison for Imperial personnel. When Leia Organa and Sana Starros traveled to the prison to hand over Doctor Chelli Aphra, an associate of Darth Vader, the warden met with them. However, the prison was broken into[1] by the former rebel spy Eneb Ray, who was determined to kill the Imperial prisoners aboard the station.[3] When Ray captured the station's control room, he left the warden alive, but knocked him unconscious.[2] With the help of Aphra, Organa and Starros managed to put an end to Ray's plans. The warden was rescued, and was evacuated from the prison along with the rest of the staff and the prisoners.[3]

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