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"A small amount leaked out. Must contain. Naboo cannot know."
―The Tactical droid on the Blue Shadow Virus[4]

This T-series tactical droid, along with three B1-Series battle droids, scouted the Naboo Grassy plains before being destroyed by the Royal Naboo Security Forces. It was later reactivated to garner more information about the Separatists' activities on Naboo.


"Lab must remain secret."
"A secret lab on Naboo? Where? You must tell—"
"It is a
secret. This is no Separatist ship."
―The Tactical droid to C-3PO[4]
Tactical droid naboo

The tactical droid being interrogated

While scouting the plains of Naboo, presumably under orders of Dr. Nuvo Vindi, the droid was discovered by the Naboo Royal Guard, under the command of Captain Gregar Typho, and shot down, along with three B1-Series battle droids. The droids' remains were taken back to Theed to be scanned and reactivated without its photoreceptors. C-3PO tried to fish out any information about the droid's assignment on Naboo, as instructed by Padmé Amidala, by telling him he was onboard a Separatist ship. The droid uttered something about a virus, specifically about a leak of a small amount from a secret laboratory.[4]

As Threepio asked the droid more, the tactical droid realized that it wasn't on a Separatist ship at all. Typho put the droid at blasterpoint and said it would have to reveal information on the lab if it wished to survive. Jar Jar Binks, who was trying to catch a slug-beetle, got his tongue stuck on an R2 unit dome and knocked over some shelves, which toppled over and crushed the droid. However, Padmé noticed the mud on the droid, recognizing it as mud from the Naboo swamp, which eventually led to the discovery of Vindi's laboratory.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

This T-series tactical droid was voiced by Phil LaMarr, who also voiced Admiral Trench's tactical droid later in the series.


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