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"Davik says you missed your last payment."
―The bounty hunters track down and confront the merchant[src]

This merchant was an elderly Human male who worked on the planet Taris. In 3956 BBY, he failed to repay a debt he owed to crime lord Davik Kang. Kang sent two bounty hunters after him, cornering him in the Upper City. Galactic Republic soldiers Carth Onasi and Revan noticed the commotion and stepped in, killing both bounty hunters. In addition, Revan gave the merchant 100 credits, which he thankfully accepted before leaving to pay off Kang.


"Davik's going to want to make an example of you! You're coming with us."
"No—help! Somebody help! They're going to kill me!"
―The merchant calls for help[src]

An elderly male Human, this merchant worked on the Outer Rim world of Taris. He took out a loan with local crime lord Davik Kang, despite being warned against such actions by his wife.[1] However, when, in 3956 BBY,[2] he failed to make a scheduled repayment of 100 credits, Kang sent two bounty hunters to collect on his debt.[1]

The bounty hunters, an Aqualish and a Human, managed to track him down and corner him in the Upper City, where they began terrorizing him. The merchant offered the 50 credits remaining in his possession as a down payment, but the bounty hunters refused, preparing to take him to Kang as an example to others who did not pay their debts. Knowing that he would be killed, the merchant panicked and yelled for help.[1]

Fugitive Galactic Republic soldiers Revan and Carth Onasi, on a mission to rescue Jedi Knight Bastila Shan, had been silently watching the exchange from a distance, and upon hearing the yell decided to act. Despite their need to maintain a low profile, Revan opted to intervene, approaching the bounty hunters. Revan refused to allow the bounty hunters to harm the merchant, leading to a scuffle that resulted in the death of both of the hunters.[1]

The merchant thanked Revan and Onasi for saving his life, but knew that it was a temporary solution at best, as Kang would continue to send bounty hunters until he was dead or his debt was paid. Realizing that the merchant was unlikely to survive, Revan offered him the 100 credits he needed. The merchant was extremely thankful and hurried off to repay Kang.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"You're giving me 100 credits? Just like that? I… I don't know what to say! Thank you! Thank you!"
―The merchant upon receiving 100 credits[src]

The bounty hunters confront the merchant

This merchant ignored his wife's warnings and borrowed from Kang a debt he could not repay, becoming edgy and fearful when he was caught by the bounty hunters. When Revan offered to pay his debt, the merchant was overcome with both appreciation and disbelief, amazed by the generosity of the strangers.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Hand over all your credits if you want to live!"
―A dark side dialogue option available to the player[src]

This merchant's first appearance in canon was as a non-player character labeled "bullied merchant" in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game, where the player, Revan, can interact with him. The player has two opportunities to earn light side points during the confrontation; once when he chooses to save the merchant and again when he gives the merchant 100 credits. These credits can be re-obtained afterward by searching the bodies of the dead bounty hunters, who carry 50 credits apiece. However, if Revan saves the merchant while wearing Sith trooper armor, the man will be frightened and will quickly retreat from the scene without conversing with Revan.[1]

There are also several non-canon dialogue options open to the player. When the player first approaches the bounty hunters, he or she may instead choose to attack them out of spite, or simply back off, in which case the hunters depart with the merchant. In addition, the player may choose to leave without giving the merchant any credits, or demand 50 credits from him—the latter of which will give the player dark side points. If Carth Onasi is in the party, he will protest against such an action and will let the merchant go without taking his credits. However, if Revan is acting alone or is accompanied by any other available party member, the merchant will give him 50 credits and will then run away in fear.[1]



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