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This clone trooper was a member of the 501st Legion's Torrent Company under the command of Captain Rex and General Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars. He participated in the Battle of Teth, where he was killed after being shot through the chest by a B2 super battle droid.


Unidentified clone Teth death

The clone is shot through the chest.

This clone trooper participated in the Battle of Teth, making the treacherous climb up the cliff to the B'omarr Monastery above. He helped Rex and his company mates defend the monastery from the second wave of attack by the droid army. He survived until there were only six other members of his company left alive, taking cover amidst the wreckage of a downed AT-TE.[1]

At some point during the battle, he appropriated an E-5 blaster rifle from a fallen B1 battle droid. and when the droid blaster was drained and no longer capable of firing, he leapt out from behind cover and attacked a B2 super battle droid in hand to hand combat. He underestimated the strength of his adversary however, as the droid easily picked him up by one arm, dangling him off the ground, and proceeded to fire several rounds through his chest, ending his life. His body was tossed to the side as the battle droids pressed their attack.[1]


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