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"You've done it. The fortress is destroyed! The Trade Federation has lost its footing on Alaris Prime!"
―Qui-Gon Jinn, to the Wookiees — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

A base with a fortress was built by the Trade Federation on the moon Alaris Prime. It was constructed between 39 BBY and 36 BBY during the Trade Federation's illegal colonization of the moon. The base was maintained by OX9 labor droids and commanded by SRAM-13. The base hosted several military buildings, including a troop center, a mech factory, and an airbase. It served as the main source of Federation activity during their war with Wookiee colonists for control of Alaris Prime. In the final conflict of the war, the Battle for Alaris Prime, the fortress inside the base was targeted by the Wookiee leader Chewbacca to rid the moon of the Trade Federation presence.

Chewbacca and the Wookiees constructed their own base near that of the Trade Federation and orchestrated their defense, facing attacks from SRAM-13's battle droids and starfighters. Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn recommended the Wookiees focus on destroying the fortress to achieve their goal on removing the Trade Federation from Alaris Prime, and personally joined the Wookiees on the ground to see it done. The colonists built up their army to include pummels and starfighters, which they used to bring down the base's defenses to let their infantry in. The pummels razed the fortress, and the Wookiees secured their control over Alaris Prime.


Environment and outer defenses[]

The southwestern entrance of the base

The Trade Federation base on the moon Alaris Prime was the center of the corporation's activity there. The base was built on grassland at the crest of a mountain and was surrounded by cliffs. A lake was situated north of the base, with a river bending around the east and south sides before flowing to the south.[2] The river served as a natural barrier between the base and a nearby Wookiee settlement.[3] The northern side of the base between the cliffs and the lake was covered in trees.[2]

The base itself was surrounded by a light wall with some portions blocked in by a natural wall of trees. The southern face of the wall had a gate from which a path led south to a ford in the river. Two turrets were built to defend the gate, and an additional two guarded the ford. A large gap between the walls on the southwestern area of the base constituted another entrance, which was guarded by a single turret. The entrance could be accessed by another ford on the southern stretch of the river. Outside the walls, a variety of sentry posts were placed to alert the Trade Federation of any incoming enemies.[2]

Structures and resources[]

"There's the Trade Federation fortress. To win this battle we have to reduce it to scrap!"
―Qui-Gon Jinn, to the Wookiees — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

A shipyard was built on the river near the base.

The base contained several military buildings to support the Trade Federation Droid Army. It was run from a command center with eight farms surrounding it. At one point a C-9979 landing craft was landed near the command center. An airbase was located near the gate, a mech factory was northeast of the command center, and northwest, a troop center was placed next to the wall. At the northeast of the base lay a fortress, a building equipped with an autoturret and anti-air capabilities. The fortress had a marker on each corner and had a gap in the wall around it. Two power cores were placed within the base to provide energy to the buildings.[2]

Near the troop center were various sources of natural resources, including ore deposits, muja fruit bushes, and trees, which could be harvested for carbon. Processing centers for ore, food, and carbon were also built in that area. On the eastern side of the base was a stockpile of nova crystals and a nova processing center to store them. On the river, an aquatic shipyard was built, and from it two utility trawlers caught and stored fish.[2] A variant of mynocks which could survive outside the vacuum of space[4] inhabited the base,[2] posing a threat to buildings and technology therein due to their appetite for both silicon and other materials and energy found in power cables and other installations.[5] Docile creatures such as nerfs and banthas also resided on the base's outskirts, all of which could be harvested for food. The resources at the base were gathered by eleven OX9 labor droids.[2]


"We must advance to a new technological level to create a fortress. Then we can destroy the Trade Federation's fortress and chase them off Alaris Prime for good."
―Qui-Gon Jinn, to the Wookiees — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

The base was built during the Trade Federation's illegal colonization effort on Alaris Prime[2] between 39 BBY and 36 BBY.[1] It was commanded by the Droid Army member SRAM-13 and was the center of the Federation's operations on Alaris Prime. The corporation's Trandoshan ally Pekt, a notorious Wookiee exterminator, also operated at the base. During the war for the moon fought between the Trade Federation and the rightful Wookiee colonists in the Battle for Alaris Prime, the base was uncovered by Wookiee scouts. Following the destruction of other Trade Federation assets, the base was targeted by the Wookiee leader Chewbacca and his Jedi advisor, Qui-Gon Jinn. They believed destroying the fortress there would drive the Trade Federation off Alaris Prime.[2]

The Battle for Alaris Prime

The Wookiees established a settlement to the south of the Trade Federation base and built up their defenses while SRAM-13 sent a group of beetle droids and a droideka to attack their sentry posts. SRAM-13 also sent three light droid starfighters to survey the Wookiee base. Eventually, the Wookiees, led by Chewbacca, Jinn, Attichitcuk, and Shoran, launched their attack on the base.[2] After destroying the turrets guarding the path to the base, the Wookiees sent in a group of starfighters: ten Agrs and three Heavy Blade bombers.[3]

The bombers destroyed the turrets and power cores inside the base while the fighters picked off the OX9s and battle droids in the base, steering clear of the fortress's anti-air missiles. With their path clear, the ground forces, including bowcaster troopers and sentinel strike mechs, marched into the base. The Wookiees then sent in three energy pummels, which had enough armor to endure the fortress's autoturrets. The pummels razed the fotress,[3] winning the battle for the Wookiees and therefore securing their ownership of Alaris Prime, although two Neimoidian transports flew from the ruins. Inside one of them was Pekt, who swore that he would still profit from selling Wookiee pelts as his transport flew away.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Trade Federation base on Alaris Prime was created for the LucasArts video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds,[2] which was released on November 11, 2001.[6] Prior to its appearance in the game, the base was first mentioned in Prima Games' accompanying strategy guide by Steven L. Kent,[3] released four days earlier.[7] The base is the focal point of the final level of the Wookiee tutorial campaign, titled "The Battle for Alaris Prime," which the player can win by destroying the fortress. The player can choose to destroy other buildings in the base aside from the fortress, but it is not required to do so to complete the level.[2]

The strategy guide states that there are battle droids inside the base,[3] although none appear there in the game. Galactic Battlegrounds provides the player with multiple options for invading the base.[2] The strategy guide recommends destroying the turrets on the path to the base by using bombers or aquatic cruisers and subsequently utilizing aircraft and pummels to bring down both the walls and the fortress.[3] Although the base is only outfitted with light turrets at the beginning of the level, the game's AI may upgrade them to medium turrets if it gathers enough resources. In a similar fashion, a bio cannon may be created and placed in the base next to the fortress.[2]


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