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A Trandoshan warrior had been enhanced and trained by Doctor Cylo to replace Darth Vader as Darth Sidious' enforcer.

When Vader and his droid army invaded Cylo's research base, he learned of Cylo's warriors. As he was about to strike Cylo down, Sidious revealed his presence to Vader[2] and requested a death match between all of the warriors, including Vader. Darth Vader faced this Trandoshan, however its violence threw Vader off-balance and as it was about to attack him, Morit Astarte, another one of Cylo's warriors, killed the Trandoshan. Sidious ended the match after the death, as he wanted to use the warriors against his own enemies instead of each other. After the match, Morit claimed that he killed the Trandoshan only because he saw it as a larger threat than Vader was.[1]


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