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"Is it him? Are we sure it's him?"
Akris Ur'etu questions the Trandoshan on their attackers identity.[src]

A male bronze scaled Trandoshan thug worked as part of the criminal organization known as the Skar'kla Consortium shortly before the Clone Wars, serving the Bothan crime lord Akris Ur'etu. During the Trandoshans time serving Akris a Hutt rival of the Consortium, whom had been trying to move in on their territory, hired an enforcer to harass the criminal organization and kill it's leader.

The enforcer, disguised as a Jedi to divert suspicion from the Hutts, managed to track down Akris and attack him, despite the fact the crime lord had hired the Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane to kill the false Jedi. The Trandoshan and five other thugs who accompanied Akris at the time of the attack manage to escape with him into a Skar'kla base and seal it's blast doors behind them. The Trandoshan was one of the thugs closest to the door and was ordered by Akris to check if the Jedi was still chasing them. Before the thug could however, the Jedi impersonator began cutting through the blast doors with a stolen blue lightsaber. The Trandoshan and other thugs fired with blasters at where they thought the attacker would be once the door broke opened, but hit nothing. Once they ceased fire to find their target the enforcer rolled a Thermal detonator through the ruined door which exploded, completely obliterating the Trandoshan and two other thugs.

The enforcer went on to kill all of the remaining thugs with his lightsaber and eventually Akris as well, whom he choked to death with a gas emitter designed to make it look like the enforcer was force choking the Bothan.[1]

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The Trandoshan thug first appeared in the short story Reputation written by Ari Marmell and illustrated by Thomas Hodges which was published in Star Wars Insider 136 in 2012.


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