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"Back! Only death lies this way!"
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This Sith, a male Twi'lek, was a member of the One Sith faction around the time of the Sith–Imperial War, a cooperative effort by the One Sith and Roan Fel's Galactic Empire to eliminate the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. In 130 ABY, Darth Krayt, leader of the One Sith, organized an army of many Sith Lords for an assault on the Ossus Jedi Academy, bent on purging it of Jedi with the assistance of a complement of Imperial troops. During the fighting, the Jedi Grand Master, Kol Skywalker, defended a shuttle carrying escaping Younglings in his charge, killing many of the opposing force single-handed, including the Twi'lek.


This Twi'lek male joined the One Sith[1] and completed his training, earning full-body Sith tattoos,[3] during or prior to the Sith–Imperial War, a combined effort by the Sith and the Fel Empire to seize dominant governmental control of the galaxy from the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.[1] As a result of the conflict, much of the Alliance was assimilated into the Empire and the New Jedi Order was forced into exile on the Outer Rim world Ossus, refusing to assist a government allied with the Sith.[4] The Twi'lek was chosen to be part of an army of Sith Lords engineered for an assault on the Jedi Temple of Ossus, the last major Jedi stronghold in the galaxy.[1]

Krayt's Hand, Darth Nihl, was placed in command of the operation, which quickly put the Ossus Jedi Temple under siege. The Twi'lek Sith was among those who stormed into the Temple, fighting to eliminate the Jedi.[1] The Sith army killed half of the Jedi there, scattering the rest across the galaxy, as well as a large number of Yuuzhan Vong shapers committed to an experimental Vong terraforming project.[5]

One group that was forced out during the fighting consisted primarily of Younglings ushered by Grand Master Kol Skywalker, Jedi Master Wolf Sazen, and their Padawans. The duo ordered their students, Shado Vao and Cade Skywalker, to take the children to safety aboard a shuttle so they could escape the Temple. After Sazen was wounded and taken aboard, Kol stayed behind to buy time for them to take off. He killed many enemy soldiers and among the dead was this Twi'lek, whose sword arm was severed near the elbow by the Jedi leader. Just after the shuttle took flight, Kol was killed by Nihl and his body rested near this Sith's corpse. The massacre marked the official end of the Sith–Imperial War and the beginning of a Jedi Purge.[1]

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This Sith, a red-skinned Twi'lek male, was a member of the One Sith Order led by Darth Krayt.[1] He wielded a red lightsaber when he fought Kol Skywalker on Ossus. Neither his skill with a lightsaber nor those with the Force, if any, were proficient enough for him to be able to survive an encounter with the Grand Master of the New Jedi Order,[1] considered by Yuuzhan Vong Master Shaper Nei Rin to be the Jedi Order's greatest warrior.[5] The Twi'lek had black Sith tattoos all over his body, a sign he was a fully-trained member of the One Sith, and wore armor to protect his torso when in battle.[1]

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The death of this Sith

The Twi'lek Sith appeared in the first issue of the comic book series Star Wars: Legacy. He was killed in the same panel where he was first seen, though his head was later shown beside Kol Skywalker's fallen body.

This Twi'lek appeared with the red skin pigmentation associated with Lethan Twi'leks.[1] However, it is still unconfirmed if he was of this race because the One Sith Order tattooed the members of its legion who had completed their training red with black designs.[3] Two other Twi'lek Sith, Darth Ruyn and Darth Talon, also share this coloring.[6]

This character's death sequence is another sighting of blood from a lightsaber-inflicted wound. When lightsabers cut through flesh, they instantly flash-cauterize the wound, leaving no time for any blood to escape the victim's body.[7] This was first seen in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope when Obi-Wan Kenobi, a Jedi in hiding following the rise of the first Galactic Empire, cut off the arm of a smuggler named Ponda Baba in Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina.


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