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"One of my Jedi students was of the Vrassh. He had a great deal of anger to work through before his training could properly begin."
―Luke Skywalker[1]

This male individual was a Force-sensitive member of the Vrassh, a group that was decimated by the Pas'sic. The Pas'sic confiscated significant land holdings from the victims, and, despite ancient Pas'sic customs that dictated they reimburse survivors' families, no compensation was paid. The Vrassh Force-sensitive was greatly angered by this injustice. He was later accepted by the New Jedi Order to be trained as a Jedi, and he became one of the many students of Luke Skywalker, the Master of the Order. The Vrassh student had to work to come to terms with his anger before he could fully embrace his Jedi training, a struggle that,[1] as of 19 ABY,[2] Skywalker was aware of and felt a particular sympathy for.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Timothy Zahn created this individual for his novel Specter of the Past, published by Bantam Spectra in 1997.[1]


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