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"Ah, looky looky. Ahahah."
―The Weequay[src]

A Weequay was a pirate and a crew member of a Weequay pirate ship, the Marauder.


Around 21 BBY, this Weequay and a fellow one landed on the planet Balnab and found a Galactic Republic Y-Wing starfighter and two deactivated droids, protocol droid C-3PO and astromech droid R2-D2. The Weequays then brought the droids aboard their ship to use as entertainment for gladiatorial droid fights.

However, their ship, the Marauder, was detected by Separatist General Grievous who ordered that their ship be used as target practice and opened fire from his Providence-class carrier/destroyer. The Marauder was eventually destroyed and all the occupants, including this Weequay, were killed.


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