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Weequay: "Problem boss?"
Akris: "What kind of mradhe muck stupid question is that?"
―The Weequay and Akris Ur'etu.[src]

A male Weequay worked for the ciminal organization known as the Skar'kla Consortium as a security shortly before the Clone Wars. During his time working for the organization a Hutt rival hired an enforcer, impersonating a Jedi, to kill the Skar'kla leader, a Bothan crime lord named Akris Ur'etu. The enforcer tracked down the leader and successfully killed him and a number of his thugs including the Weequay.


"You don't have to beat him you son of a mynock! Just lock him up long enough for..."
―Akris giving orders to the Weequay[src]

A male Weequay worked as a security chief for the criminal organization known as the Skar'kla Consortium shortly before the Clone Wars, serving the Bothan crime lord Akris Ur'etu. During the Weequays time serving Akris a Hutt rival of the Consortium, whom had been trying to move in on their territory, hired an enforcer to harass the criminal organization and kill it's leader.

The enforcer, disguised as a Jedi to divert suspicion from the Hutts, managed to track down Akris and attack him, despite the fact the crime lord had hired the Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane to kill the false Jedi. The Weequay however made no effort to help the Bothan as the crime lord had told him he'd call him if he needed help. The enforcer chased the crime lord and six of his thugs into a Skar'kla base where they sealed it's blast doors behind them. The Jedi impersonator began cutting through the blast doors with a stolen blue lightsaber and rolled a Thermal detonator through the ruined door which exploded, completely obliterating the three of the thugs. The enforce then killed the remaining thugs whilst Akris escaped down a secret passageway opened by a hidden switch on his Greel wood desk.

Akris then made his way to the security center where he found the Weequay. The Bothan was furious at the security chief although he believed he'd just done what he'd been ordered. When told the Jedi was coming the Weequay became excited as he had always wanted to fight one. Once the Jedi arrived the security chief attempted to attack with a Force pike, however the fake Jedi used a mono-filament fiber and a magnetic grappling hook to steal a holdout blaster pistol from Akris and then shot the Weequay, killing him instantly.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Good! I've been wantin' to test my hand against a Jedi"
―The Weequay[src]

The Weequay did not appear to feel contrite after Akris berated him for not helping during the attack. He was reasonably confident in his combat abilities as he felt he could defeat a Jedi in combat.

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The Weequay security chief first appeared in the short story Reputation written by Ari Marmell and illustrated by Tom Hodges which was published in Star Wars Insider 136 in 2012.


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