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"Let us celebrate the return of those who were lost and welcome these Jedi into our tribe!"
―This Wookiee[1]

A shaggy-haired individual was a Wookiee who lived in a village[1] on the Mid Rim[2] planet of Kashyyyk, and was a member of the village's tribe. At some point[1] in 22 BBY,[3] several residents of the village were kidnapped by the bounty hunter Crovan Dane.[1] In 22 BBY,[3] Jaylen Kos, a youngling, and Jedi Master Bant Eerin's Padawan rescued the kidnapped inhabitants and returned them to their village. Upon the resident's return, the village hosted a celebration to honor the occasion, and the Wookiee participated in the festivities. During the party, the Wookiee offered to accept the Jedi into the village's tribe.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

This Wookiee appeared, unidentified, in The Clone Wars: Decide Your Destiny: The Way of the Jedi, a 2008 book by Jake Forbes. Since it is a Decide Your Destiny book, there are several different outcomes for the scenarios featured within. However, this Wookiee only appears in one of those strands, so this article details that one.[1]


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