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"He's dead, you fool!"
―A pirate reprimands the Wookiee for killing Marka Durn[src]

This Wookiee was a member of the Nanth'ri Pirates under the Falleen pirate leader Xishel, sometime following the Battle of Yavin. The Wookiee and several companions were sent to kill Marka Durn, a Human scout hired by Xishel to discover a secret treasure hoard but who later tried to extort more credits for his work. The Wookiee shot and killed Durn, but not before the man was able to communicate information relating to the treasure hoard to a passing associate.


This individual was a Wookiee pirate who worked for Xishel, a Falleen competing for control of the fractured Nanth'ri Pirates.[1] The Nanth'ri Pirates were a loose assortment of brigands who plundered the Nanth'ri Route under Celis Mott. Following Mott's capture by the Alliance to Restore the Republic sometime after the Battle of Yavin,[2][3] Xishel hired the Human scout Marka Durn to uncover Mott's treasure hoard. When Durn tried to squeeze Xishel for more credits, Xishel dispatched this Wookiee, along with several other pirates, to kill Durn. The Wookiee shot Durn fatally in the chest, but not before the Human passed on clues to the treasure's location to an old associate. The pirates confronted the associate and tried to bully him into revealing Durn's message; however, following a firefight, the ruffians were forced to flee.[1]

Personality and traits[]

This Wookiee was proficient with both a blaze-cutlass and a heavy bowcaster;[1] the latter a traditional Wookiee weapon.[4] While working as a pirate, the Wookiee wore a bandana and a baldric.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Timothy S. O'Brien created this Wookiee for the adventure The Treasure of Celis Mott, published in 1996 as part of the guidebook Instant Adventures. The Wookiee was not identified by name or gender, but was illustrated by Paul Daly.


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