"Two Rodians were talking about one of the employees, and how if that was a human, he'd eat his … I couldn't hear the next words, but we've all heard about ooglith masquers, and how the Yuuzhan Vong can pass as human."
―Tekli, on the Yuuzhan Vong[src]

A Yuuzhan Vong female spy worked at the Leafy Green tapcafe while undercover on the New Republic capital world of Coruscant. While there, the Yuuzhan Vong's ooglith masquer cover was blown after the Jedi Tekli overheard two patrons express their suspicions that she was not Human. Jedi Master Mara Jade Skywalker and her nephew Anakin Solo went to the Leafy Green and apprehended her after a brief altercation. Although New Republic medics examined the captive to learn more about Yuuzhan Vong biology, at the first opportunity she killed herself to prevent further discoveries.

Biography[edit | edit source]

"You took one Yuuzhan Vong operative out of commission, and found a way to kill the amphistaffs."
"Not enough."
Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker, on her encounter with the Yuuzhan Vong[src]

In 26 ABY[1] during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the Yuuzhan Vong took an undercover assignment as spy on the New Republic capital world of Coruscant. There, she worked at the Leafy Green tapcafe until the Jedi Tekli overheard two patrons at the establishment express suspicions that she was not Human. Recalling the Yuuzhan Vong ability to disguise themselves as Human using ooglith masquers, Tekli reported her suspicions during a meeting of the Jedi Order. Two Jedi, Jedi Master Mara Jade Skywalker and her nephew Anakin Solo, went to investigate the lead. Determining through their inability to sense her through the Force that she was indeed a Yuuzhan Vong saboteur, they confronted the Yuuzhan Vong and apprehended her after a fight. During the fight, Jade Skywalker and Solo discovered a way to kill the amphistaff creatures that the Yuuzhan Vong employed as weapons.[2]

New Republic medics examined the captive Yuuzhan Vong in the hopes of learning more about the biology of the species. However, rather than allow the New Republic to learn anything more from her about her people, the Yuuzhan Vong killed herself at the first opportunity. The untimely death frustrated Jade Skywalker, who felt that she should have done better.[2]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"She didn't have as many bone breaks or scars as the ones they scanned on Bimmiel."
"That isn't hard to figure out. They give low-ranking youngsters undercover work to prove themselves."
―Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade Skywalker[src]

The Yuuzhan Vong had pale skin with bluish sacs below each eye and patchy black hair that grew in tufts across her skull. Her face had little flesh on it and one upper cheek was burned all almost through, forming a scar that revealed a cheekbone covered in jagged, healed fractures. The Yuuzhan Vong had tattoos shaped like concentric energy bursts across her forehead, and half of her body was tattooed with similar concentric designs meeting at a focal point that vaguely resembled a living creature. She had extendable claws protruding from the knuckles of each hand, formed from a parasitic Yuuzhan Vong creature embedded deep into the bone. Because she had fewer bone breaks and scars than[2] the Domain Shai warriors[3] scanned at Bimmiel, Jade Skywalker surmised she was a younger, low-ranking Yuuzhan Vong who was given undercover work to prove herself. Though female, according to the examinations performed by New Republic medics, the Yuuzhan Vong's ooglith masquer disguise had the appearance of a pale, Human male. The unnatural way she carried herself while wearing the masquer led some members of other species, including Rodians and Humans, to doubt that she was truly Human.[2]

Skills and abilities[edit | edit source]

"I know you know Basic."
―Mara Jade Skywalker[src]

As a Yuuzhan Vong operative, she could fight using an amphistaff and other biological weaponry of her species, including blorash jelly. She also knew Galactic Basic and used the language when working at the Leafy Green.[2]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

"He's not wearing armor, just the masquer."
―Anakin Solo[src]

While in Human disguise, the Yuuzhan Vong wore the uniform for servers at the Leafy Green restaurant. This included pants and a belt from which she carried a pouch of blorash jelly. She carried an amphistaff concealed up one sleeve, but did not wear any armor.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Yuuzhan Vong first appeared in the 2000 novel The New Jedi Order: Balance Point, written by Kathy Tyers.[2]

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