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"I know the order was to leave Mandal Hypernautics alone, but some of my men couldn’t resist hitting some of their lesser shipyards outside the system. I seized the opportunity to extort some more new ships from Mandal."
"Really? And how did they respond?"
"They were only too happy to pay a little more. We have some new toys for you!"
"Well now, that is a prize — an admirable job Captain. Except for one thing:"
"What's that?"
"(Blaster fire) I cannot allow underlings to ignore my orders or the Consortium simply degenerates into a pack of bandits. Let’s hope the man who replaces you will remember that."
―The Pirate Captain reports his success to Tyber Zann, only to be executed.[src]

An unidentified captain, in the employ of the Zann Consortium, was responsible for the unauthorized extortion of Mandal Hypernautics on Mandalore that led to the acquisition of the Keldabe-class battleship and the Canderous-class assault tank by the Zann Consortium. Despite the benefits, Tyber Zann executed the Pirate Captain, as he believed that tolerating disobedience would ultimately weaken the Consortium.

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