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"You cannot pass. Go back to the north seas and freeze."
"Why, Master Protas?"
"Because it pleases me."
―Protas and the aiwha pod, "The Tale of the Aiwha Pod"[1]

An aiwha pod from the oceans of Kamino was, according to local legend, stopped by the god-beast Protas from swimming south for the cold winter. Protas refused to let the aiwha continue on their migration and directed them back north to perish, forcing them into battle. While they drew blood, Protas endured their attacks until he eventually exposed his soft and vulnerable neck, allowing one of the aiwha to take advantage of the weakness. Protas thrashed his fins and killed the aiwha, but the latter's sacrifice allowed the rest of the pod to rally and deal a final, fatal blow to Protas.


"And that is why, to this day, the aiwha rule the oceans and are accorded a measure of respect even among the largest, most powerful, and most plentiful beasts."
―Ryan Kaufman, "The Tale of the Aiwha Pod"[1]

The pod was made up of aiwha (pictured).

According to a legend of the Kaminoan species, "The Tale of the Aiwha Pod"—translated from Kaminoan by Ryan Kaufman into Galactic Basic—an aiwha pod lived in the oceans of[1] the planet[2] Kamino. During the cold winter, the aiwha of the pod would swim south to warmer waters. The pod was ferocious and numerous, able to fight with unity and determination against any threat. Respectful to others, it did not seek glory in battle, and as such, it accorded great respect from all beasts of the oceans no matter the size, strength, or how numerous those beasts were.[1]


"The aiwha knew they could not return, that they would surely die in the north seas. We must fight, they told themselves. And so they did."
―Ryan Kaufman, "The Tale of the Aiwha Pod"[1]

In the legend, the pod was traveling south for the increasingly cold winter. The god-beast Protas, who had grown arrogant in his old age after defeating the dark titan Melkorr and the sentient legion kikla, came across the pod on their journey. He refused to let them pass and directed them to return north, where they would surely perish. The pod queried Protas, asking for what reason did the god-beast have for desiring their death. Protas proclaimed it would please him, giving the pod no choice but death. Without warning, the pod decided as one to attack Protas. Like Melkorr, they violently tore at his flesh, drawing blood but unable to inflict a wound of consequence. Likewise, they swarmed the god-beast much like the kikla swimmers, swarming Protas with a unity and determination the kikla did not possess. Still, Protas endured the pod's attacks.[1]

Eventually, Protas exposed his soft and vulnerable neck, providing a gap in his defenses. One lone aiwha saw that, and with no regard to his own safety, attacked and bit down on the flesh. Protas gave a great bellow of pain and thrashed his fins, attempting to beat off the lone aiwha. While the self-sacrificing aiwha was broken by the blows, he did not release the neck of Protas, allowing the pod to rally and deal a final, fatal blow. Both the lone aiwha and Protas died, staining the waters with their blood. With their defeat, the aiwha came to rule the oceans of Kamino and were accorded great respect due to their victory without seeking glory.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The aiwha pod appeared in Ryan Kaufman's short story "The Tale of the Aiwha Pod", published by Prima Games in 2005 within the Star Wars: Republic Commando: Prima Official Game Guide.[1]


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