"I work for myself."
―The assassin, to Darth Vader[src]

During the early stages of the Galactic Empire, a reclusive assassin lived on a swampy planet. He also had one permanent associate, a red-skinned, draconian figure.


In the months following the Declaration of a New Order, a wealthy industrialist, alongside 18 mercenaries, arrived at his hideout in the hopes of hiring him to assassinate Darth Vader to avenge his son. The assassin lay in wait while they were discussing with his associate, and then silently picked off the entire mercenary guard with a knife in the each of their backs as a warning that the industrialist should leave. However, his actions resulted in the industrialist being more determined to hire him, willing to pay any price. The assassin then had him remove his eyes and his ears as payment.


The assassin duels Darth Vader.

He then tried to ambush Vader and two Royal Guards at an offworld tavern while they were investigating the causes of a failed assassination attempt on Emperor Palpatine. However, when one of the Heinsnake cultists blew himself up to prevent details of their plot from being exposed to Vader, the assassin was forced to let his quarry go, barely surviving the attack without injury.

He later stalked Vader to the moon where the Heinsnake Cult was located, and took out the sole remaining Royal Guard via stealth (the other Royal Guard had been squashed by one of the wildlife shortly after arrival). However, Vader sensed his presence. The assassin then lay in wait outside the temple. After Vader wiped out the Heinsnake Cult, he then tailed Vader, although stampeding wildlife on the doomed moon delayed him. He eventually dueled Darth Vader but was killed by the Dark Lord despite his best efforts.

Personality and traitsEdit

The assassin was skilled with blades, but had absolutely no interest in wealth. Instead, his only price was that his clients, after hiring him, would never see or hear him again. This was done by having their eyes and ears removed.


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