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"You sound like a festerin' jizz-box. I got a festerin' jizz-box right over there in that corner."
―The assistant manager of the Wookiee's Codpiece[1]

A Human was the assistant manager of a cantina called the Wookiee's Codpiece on the planet Nim Drovis.[1] In 13 ABY,[2] the protocol droid C-3PO auditioned to perform music at the Wookiee's Codpiece. Once the assistant manager heard the droid playback songs from his memory core, the Human rejected C-3PO and compared him to a festering jizz-box akin to one the Wookiee's Codpiece already possessed.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The assistant manager was mentioned in Planet of Twilight, a 1997 novel by Barbara Hambly.[1]


Notes and references[]

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