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A large, hazardous asteroid field was located in the Krykas system, a part of the Mid Rim's Spirva sector. The terrestrial planet Krykas V was situated in the middle of the asteroid field. At some point, the corvette Bhishana Bhaga reverted to realspace in the middle of the asteroid field after its hyperdrive had malfunctioned. The captain of the corvette crash-landed the badly-damaged starship on Krykas V. Later, a group of individuals traversed the asteroid field to reach Krykas V in response to the crash of the Bhishana Bhaga.


A large asteroid field[3] was located in the Krykas system, a part of the Spirva sector[1] in the Western Reaches portion of[2] the Mid Rim.[1] It was a thick area of spinning and crashing gray-colored asteroids, with starship travel through it being very hazardous.[3]


At some point, the hyperdrive of the Bhishana Bhaga, a corvette carrying the Arakyd Industries droid and weapons engineer Min Erethen, malfunctioned. As a result, the corvette emerged in realspace in the middle of the Krykas system asteroid field. The vessel was badly damaged, and its captain attempted to save it by making an emergency landing on the only available planet, the nearby Krykas V. The ship crash-landed there, with everyone aboard save Erethen being killed.[3]

Several days later, a group of individuals arrived in-system in response to the crash of the Bhishana Bhaga. The group traveled through the asteroid field, realizing that its starship had finally exited the area when a tiny asteroid bounced off the vessel's hull. At that point, the individuals had an unobstructed view of Krykas V, where they subsequently landed their ship. Around the same time, Nevo and Irol Faunor, a pair of bounty hunter assassins hired by a company competing with Arakyd Industries to either retrieve or kill Erethen, also arrived on Krykas V.[3]


The terrestrial planet Krykas V was located in the middle of the asteroid field and suffered regular asteroid hits on its surface as a result. A muddy world, Krykas V had an atmosphere filled with foggy clouds of electromagnetically charged particles that disrupted the operation of any sensors. Krykas V had no native sentient life-forms but was home to both plants and animals.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The asteroid field appeared in "Bloodhawk Down," a roleplaying adventure written by Owen K.C. Stephens for use with Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Roleplaying Game and published on Wizards.com on October 10, 2002.[3] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Krykas system, and therefore the asteroid field, in grid square L-16.[2]


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