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«Why, you're a cheater!»
«Nobody calls me that and gets away with it!»
―The moustachioed Marauder and the elderly prison warden[src]

A male Sanyassan with a black mustache was a member of the Marauders, an organization of Sanyassan pirates who were stranded on the forest moon of Endor after crash landing there ninety-six years before the Battle of Yavin. He resided in the Marauders' Stronghold with his fellow pirates, under the command of King Terak. Together, the Sanyassan Marauders preyed upon the Ewoks, the more peaceful inhabitants of Endor.

By 3.5 ABY, the moustachioed Sanyassan was assigned to the Stronghold's dungeons, along with an elderly colleague. Both were responsible for monitoring detainees when the Ewok Wicket Warrick and his companions came to the rescue of their friend, Cindel Towani, a Human female who had been imprisoned at the instruction of King Terak. With the help of a fast-running being known as Teek, the intruders provoked an argument between the wardens, who shot each other with their blasters and fell on the ground.


By 96 BBY, a male Sanyassan with black hair and a mustache had joined the Marauders, a group of pirates. The Marauders traveled[1] from their homeworld, Sanyassa IV,[3] to the Endor system in a stolen spacecraft. They crash landed on the forest moon of Endor, where many intergalactic travelers had found themselves stranded due to the stellar anomalies surrounding it.[1] For many decades, the Marauders worked together in a military fashion and brought terror to the forest moon's native Ewok species. Their leader was the self-proclaimed King Terak, a brutal warlord.[4]

Many years later,[2] in 3.5 ABY,[5] the mustachioed individual assisted the elder Marauder prison warden in watching Terak's prisoners—a group of Ewoks and a young Human female named Cindel Towani. As a way to pass the time during their guard duty, the two Sanyassans played cards, using scraps of metallic objects as chips. Unbeknownst to the card players, a rescue team comprising the Human hermit Noa Briqualon, his companion Teek, and the Ewok Wicket Warrick got into the castle in hopes of freeing the prisoners.[2]

The two Marauders were playing cards when Teek tried to seize the keys.

Teek, who was extremely quick like all members of his species, scurried in the warden's direction to get the cell keys from his belt. Teek moved so swiftly that the mustachioed Marauder did not notice what was happening, so the warden and he continued playing. When the old warden won the next game, a card slipped out of his sleeve. The black-moustachioed Marauder was convinced his opponent had cheated, and he rose up to confront him. Things got heated and, in a fit of rage, both individuals drew their blasters, firing simultaneously. Both were injured and fell to the ground. In fact, it was Teek who had hidden a card in the warden's sleeve to provoke an argument between the two Sanyassans. The mustachioed Sanyassan and his colleague did not get up, which allowed the prisoners to be effectively rescued.[2]

Personality and traits[]

According to Cindel Towani's friends Wicket and Noa Briqualon, this card player was one of the meanest-looking and ugliest Marauders they had ever seen.[6] He had thick strands of greasy black hair growing from his face, with a cleft chin and an underbite. He also sported a long mustache with vertical extensions grown down the sides of the mouth.[2]

The dark-haired Marauder had a quick temper,[2] a trait shared by most members of his species.[7] When he suspected his opponent of cheating, he immediately accused him and was ready to fight. When the quarrel developed into a brawl, he faced the warden with his blaster at the ready.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The moustachioed Marauder sustains a blaster shot.

This Marauder with a black mustache was a minor character in the 1985 made-for-TV film Ewoks: The Battle for Endor.[2] It is known that the two card players were portrayed by Michael Pritchard and Johnny Weissmuller Jr., but their roles were only credited as "Card Player #1" and "Card Player #2".[2]

The movie is unclear as to whether or not the Sanyassan's blaster wound was fatal. However, the children's book adaptation The Ring, the Witch, and the Crystal: An Ewok Adventure states that he merely "collapsed on the floor."[6] The Sanyassans are known to have tougher hides than Humans.[7] In the movie, the card-playing Marauders spoke their own language, with no subtitles given,[2] but part of their dialogue was rendered in Galactic Basic Standard in the children's book.[6]

The physical appearance of this dark-haired Sanyassan is similar to that of the "Marauder of Endor", a criminal who was featured on a wanted poster in the 1993 book Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas. Both characters share the same black forelocks, "mushrooms lining eyebrows," cleft chin, horseshoe mustache and under bite. Furthermore, the unidentified criminal was also described as a "known associate of Terak".[8] Even if the "Marauder of Endor" was meant to be the card-player, the book in which he appeared was deemed non-canonical by Lucasfilm official Leland Chee, who maintains the Holocron continuity database.[9]


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