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A droid represented the Cyban Front at the Auction of Rur with another Cyban Front droid. The two questioned the crystal's technopathy abilities and the host, Chelli Aphra, let the crystal possess it until her companion, Black Krrsantan, destroyed it. Another of Aphra's companion's, 0-0-0, then put the crystal inside it while it was being repaired and the droid was used to massacre other members of the auction. That was until Darth Vader intervened and destroyed it.


"Are you willing to put your neck on the line?"
"Statement: Yes. Axiom: Technopathy is impossible."
―Chelli Aphra and the Cyban Front droid[src]
Cyban Front technopathy

The Cyban Front droid gets possessed by the Rur crystal.

The droid was a member of the Cyban Front and came to represent them at the Auction of Rur, along with a red droid. The host, Chelli Aphra, reckoned they were on good terms due to their common ally, the Droid Gotra. When she presented the crystal to the guests, the droid and his companion doubted the crystal's technopathy abilities, asking Aphra for proof. She did so, activating the Rur crystal, which possessed the droid. The droid was then shot and destroyed by Black Krrsantan.[3]

Aphra had the droid repaired, but 0-0-0 and BT-1, who were attending the auction to assist her, inserted the Rur crystal into him. The droid was given two lightsabers, including the Blade of Rur, and set free to attack the auction.[2] The droid, possessed by Eternal Rur, proceeded to slaughter many of the guests with the assistance of the Sorca Retreats automated guns, controlled by 0-0-0. Members of the Dominion of the Ezaraa fired on him but the droid started began slaughtering them and their leader retreated. The possessed droid then pounced on the representatives of the Shadow University and cut one of them down. After slaughtering more of the auction members, the droid made chase for the Son-tuul Pride members. Their leader, Yonak, escaped through a blast door, but the droid cut through it quickly and continued the hunt. He soon bumped into Aphra, and he pinned her to the floor. 0-0-0, however, made the automated guns shoot him down so Aphra could proceed towards him and meet his own needs.[4]

Vader vs Rur

Darth Vader engages the possessed droid.

Darth Vader soon arrived and boarded the Sorca Retreat with several stormtroopers. The droid continued killing the auction members and soon silenced Thomas Toov. Aphra then reappeared and the droid pursued her. SHe led him into a squad of stormtroopers, and after he cut them down, Vader came forward and confronted him.[5] The two engaged in a lightsaber duel, with Vader throwing the droid around to gain an advantage over him. He soon managed to cut the droid's right arm and the Eternal Rur attempted to take control of the circuitry in Vader's armor. The attempt was unsuccessful and Vader then destroyed the droid with the Force, taking the Rur crystal from its remains.[1]


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