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"It looks like the best way to brush a rancor's teeth is to get out of the way and let nature do its thing."
―SF-R3, referring to the blue birds[1]

A species of bird was native to the Outer Rim planet Dathomir. The birds cleaned the teeth of the rancor when they got dirty.

Biology and appearance[]

The birds had blue and red feathers, yellow eyes, and a long beak. They used their wings to fly around and they were capable of flying at high speeds. They were able to quickly clean the teeth of rancors,[1]large semi-sentient[2] carnivores[3] native to Dathomir.[4]


The blue birds lived in nests in crooked Grave Thorn trees on the planet Dathomir. They would sometimes peck at droids that they encountered, though they could be easily startled and shooed away. The birds worked together to clean the dirty teeth of rancors. Rancors allowed the birds to perch on their body.[1]


"But lucky for him, the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts has taken a keen interest in the dental hygiene of a rancor. And it's up to me to figure out how to get the job done. We'll give him a killer smile in no time."
―SF-R3, referring to a nearby rancor[1]

The blue birds were native to the planet Dathomir[1] in the Outer Rim Territories.[5] During or after 34 ABY,[6] the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts,[1] an organization dedicated to studying the variety of species in the galaxy,[7] took a keen interest in the dental hygiene of rancors. They sent the Safari droid SF-R3 to Dathomir to learn how to clean a rancor's teeth. SF-R3 was quickly trapped in a rancor's mouth, and the rancor then spit him towards a Grave Thorn tree. A nearby bird pecked at SF-R3, causing him to shoo it away. SF-R3 then removed his right arm and placed it the rancor's mouth to prevent it from closing. This allowed him to clean one of the rancor's teeth with a toothbrush and several other tools while a group of birds gathered near him and the rancor. One bird flew into the rancor's mouth, so SF-R3 shooed it away, accidentally removing his removed arm, which caused the rancor's mouth to close. The rancor then spit SF-R3 towards a Grave Thorn tree, startling three nearby birds. Those birds and several others then flew towards the rancor and cleaned all of its teeth. The rancor then let three birds perch on top of its body.[1]



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