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"Hey. You. Get out before I take you out."
"Take me out, heh? And how do you think you'll do that?"
―Rael Averross, and a Chagrian patron[1]

A cantina was located in the capital city of the Inner Rim planet Pijal near the Pijali palace's stables. Two of the establishment's employees included the hostess Selbie and a Wookiee bartender.[1] In 40 BBY,[2] Lord Regent Rael Averross visited the cantina with his associates after riding a Pijal varactyl. When a Chagrian patron began vying for Selbie's attention, Averross gleefully brandished his lightsaber and embarrassed the customer until he left. Afterward, Averross saw a nearby holoscreen displaying the burning of a Czerka warehouse. He quickly left the establishment, believing that the incident was caused by the Opposition performance troupe.[1]

The cantina was carved out of a dingy rock, and had a muddy appearance. Due to this, some felt the establishment's smell was similar to that of the cantina's Wookiee bartender. During the Republic Era, the cantina served alcoholic beverages, and played music in a seating area equipped with a holoscreen.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The cantina appears in Master & Apprentice, a 2019 novel written by Claudia Gray.[1]


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