"And Stellar Web has been observed to be part of Admiral Rogriss' task force."
"Rogriss. If he's transferred his flag to the Interdictor…he has more nerve, better timing than my man. My captain will flinch first."
―General Melvar and Warlord Zsinj[src]

This male was a captain in the forces of Warlord Zsinj, commanding the Serpent's Smile, an old Victory-class Star Destroyer in the warlord's fleet. The captain commanded the vessel at the Battle of Vahaba, where Zsinj directed him to advance upon the Immobilizer 418 interdictor cruiser Stellar Web and either destroy the interdictor or force it off course so that Zsinj could escape aboard his flagship, the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Iron Fist. The captain did as ordered, maneuvering Serpent's Smile between two New Republic Star Destroyers, Crynyd and Skyhook, and attacking the interdictor. The captain held on course for the interdictor with the intention of forcing the enemy pilot to "flinch" and turn away from a collision. As the two warships neared one another and neither vessel showed any signs of diverting course, a concentrated barrage from Stellar Web brought down the Victory-class Star Destroyer's shields, destroying the bridge. Zsinj subsequently ordered the crew to lock down the warship's current bearing and abandon ship, hoping that Serpent's Smile's flaming hulk would impact with Stellar Web.


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