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This commander was a clone SCUBA trooper that accompanied Jedi General Kit Fisto to Rodia to investigate reports by Rodian scouts of Separatist battle droids seen near an abandoned station.


While investigating the area to find out what was killing all the surrounding wildlife, underwater motion sensors were triggered alerting the battle droids to the intrusion. The commander and his troops helped eliminate the droid presence while Kit Fisto battled with the bounty hunter Robonino, who had reprogrammed the droids to protect him while he was in hiding. The commander survived the engagement, though two of his men were killed by blaster fire from the droids.

Armor and equipmentEdit

This clone commander had armor decorated in a Cyan color scheme with many stripes and a Phase I helmet similar to that of Clone marshal commander Cody. During the mission he utilized a DC-15S. He didn't wear a SCUBA pack unlike most of his squad.


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