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"The mining charges didn't go off. The countdown's been averted. We heard blaster fire, Commander. Are you injured?"
"No. I was never the target."
―A clone officer and the clone commander after the end of the battle on Viidaav[src]

This clone trooper commander fought in the Battle of Viidaav during the Clone Wars. During the battle, the Commander was sent to disable a bomb which was planted by Confederate forces on the planet. The bomb was powerful enough to destroy the planet. After fighting through battle droids inside the bunker which contained the bomb, he killed a Viidaav commander that he encountered in the control room after a brief stand-off. Once the smoke cleared, the clone realized that the Viidaav was actually aiming for the control panel that controlled the bomb's detonation sequence, and having destroyed it saved the planet.

Behind the scenesEdit

The commander first appeared in the comic, Heroes on Both Sides.


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