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This clone trooper officer served in[2] the company of the 501st Legion assigned to Commander and former Jedi Ahsoka Tano.[3] The clone trooper officer was equipped with white Phase II clone trooper armor with the blue designs of the 501st.[2] As with the rest of the company,[3] this clone's helmet was painted red-orange to demonstrate a stylized version of Tano's face and a sun visor. The clone was equipped with a rank plaque denoting his officer rank, and also had a jetpack and antennas on his helmet and shoulder armor. For combat, he used a DC-15 blaster rifle.[2] As a clone of Jango Fett, this officer was a male who stood at 1.83 meters, had tan skin, and natural black hair.[1]

Behind the scenes

The clone trooper is slated to appear in The Clone Wars: Season Seven and was revealed in the new poster of the season on the official Twitter account for Star Wars.[2]


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