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A female comm tech served in the Rebel Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry. She was an expert with transmitters who enjoyed drinking as well as writing obscene poetry together with the rebel trooper Hazram Namir during late, dull nights. On at least one occasion, the comm tech made an obscene gesture at another individual with her eyes closed, a mannerism which Namir appropriated for himself.[2]

Sometime between the years 0 BBY and 3 ABY,[1] the 61st was deployed on the terrestrial astronomical object Asyrphus. However, Asyrphus was bombarded, and the comm tech, her droid and many other 61st members were massacred as a result. The comm tech was not replaced in the 61st, and Namir pledged to forget her name, though he later remembered her on several occasions.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The comm tech was mentioned in the 2015 novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. 1.0 1.1 According to Battlefront: Twilight Company, the comm tech died during the massacre at Asyrphus, which took place during Hazram Namir's service in the 61st Mobile Infantry. Namir joined the company shortly after the Battle of the Tower, which occurs nineteen years after the Clone Wars and before the battle on Vir Aphshire, which also occurs concurrently to the Battle of Yavin, in the novel. Star Wars: Galactic Atlas dates the end of the Clone Wars to 19 BBY; therefore, the Battle of the Tower must have taken place in 0 BBY. The massacre at Asyrphus also takes place prior to Namir remembering the late comm tech during the attack on Haidoral Prime, which takes place twenty-two years after the Clone Wars in the novel. Thus, the massacre at Asyrphus, and the death of the comm tech, must have occurred sometime between 0 BBY and 3 ABY.
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