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"Millennium Falcon to Lillibanca. Beacons are in place. You can begin. At Number One, if you please, not Number Twenty."
"Acknowledged Falcon. And thanks."
―Han Solo, relaying instructions to the communications officer[src]

A male communications officer served aboard the Confederation cruiser Lillibanca[1] in 40 ABY.[2] The officer handled communications with the YT-1300 light freighter Millennium Falcon via the Confederation communications frequency, in which the officer relayed instructions from Han Solo, captain of the Falcon, regarding the Lillibanca's role in fighting the firestorm on the planet Kashyyyk triggered by Galactic Alliance forces. Solo ordered the crew of the Lillibanca to target the beacons on the planet sequentially to trigger a controlled burn, starting with Number One, to which the officer responded with acknowledgment and thanks, chuckling as he replied.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The officer appeared, albeit only by voice, in Aaron Allston's 2007 novel Legacy of the Force: Fury, the seventh volume in the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series.[1]


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